Members are responsible for shaping VENUS. Depending on their membership class, our members pay annual fees to engage in the governance of VENUS. Only members are able to launch projects.

There are five membership levels defined by cash contribution. They are Strategic, Class "A", Class "B", Class "C" and Individual. The first four levels are designated for organizations. The fifth level is available to individuals only.

VENUS will make Canada a global leader in cybersecurity. Strategic and Class "A" Members have a unique opportunity to direct VENUS' activities to achieve this goal and improve their own position.


Strategic and Class "A" Memberships


Strategic and Class "A" Members have significant existing or developing market positions in sectors that depend on cybersecurity technology for what they sell or for how they operate. These organizations recognize the serious challenges faced by both their companies and their customers in addressing cybersecurity problems on their own. Strategic Members are likely to have considerable internal research and development investments in cybersecurity today but are aware of the need for investment in additional focused, leading-edge cybersecurity initiatives.

Strategic and Class "A" Members also understand that they require strong cybersecurity capabilities that are interdisciplinary, forward thinking, and beyond their current competencies. Membership in VENUS will provide a means for companies to deliver superior security solutions in a shortened period of time and allow them to focus on delivering value to their customers.


Return on Investment

For the cost of employing two full time employees, a Strategic Member can expect to achieve a return on investment equivalent to 20+ people. Similarly, for the cost of employing one full time employee, a Class "A" Member can expect to achieve a return on investment equivalent to 10+ people.

This is accomplished by:

  • Generating revenue through projects that are relevant to the companies’ cybersecurity challenges, education of corporate executives and senior managers, and the results of leading-edge research and development
  • Reducing the costs of securing internal cybersecurity infrastructure
  • Reducing the time required to find highly qualified personnel
  • Providing a means of focusing on additional business objectives that could only be attained by leveraging the resources that VENUS provides


What is Available to Strategic and Class "A" Members

The following is a high level overview of what is available to the Strategic and Class "A" Members:

  • Representation on the Board of Directors. Each Strategic Member appoints one director to the VENUS Board of Directors. Collectively, the Class "A Members select two directors to represent them on the VENUS Board of Directors
  • A visible national leadership role in addressing cybersecurity challenges and the governance of VENUS and the ecosystem it anchors
  • Opportunities to invest in lead projects and incorporate components related to their interests into the VENUS platform at an early stage
  • Opportunities to propose, shape, engage, execute and lead projects. These include projects designed to provide Canada with a global leadership position in cybersecurity and advance the components of the VENUS platform
  • Right to use VENUS’s tangible (e.g., experts, trained personnel and infrastructure) and intangible resources (e.g., brand, insights, market and technology knowledge)
  • Means to attract, develop and hire a large number of talented individuals interested in leading-edge cybersecurity challenges
  • Access to a nationwide network of organizations and individuals committed to making Canada a global leader in cybersecurity
  • Access to scientifically rigorous and well-defined interdisciplinary approaches to solve complex interdependent problems in cybersecurity


Membership Benefits

Class "A" and Strategic Members can expect a variety of exciting and unique benefits for their commitment. They range from increased financial returns and market recognition to enhancing capabilities.

Financial returns

  • Increased customer demand for products and services through improved member reputation
  • Increased member revenue, focused cybersecurity solutions, and decreased R&D costs
  • Decreased variable and development costs within the member’s organization
  • Reduction of in-house overhead costs to member’s organization
  • Decrease in cost and time required for members to attract and train new employees and student interns who have a current understanding of the cybersecurity industry
  • Decrease in the cost of accessing requisite information, talent, knowledge and understanding


Market recognition

  • Amplification of member’s market and technology advantages
  • Increased trust by customers that the member makes cybersecurity a priority in their business practice
  • Increased visibility of member within the cybersecurity community and at VENUS led conferences


Capability benefits

  • Early awareness of problems and solutions facing the cybersecurity industry
  • Improved capability to develop products and services for which customers are willing to pay
  • Improved capability to prepare for, adapt to, or exploit discontinuous changes
  • Improved executives and managers ability to judge and make cybersecurity related decisions
  • Improved capability to access a large resource pool of experts in cybersecurity
  • Improved ability to develop processes and capabilities that allow the member to address complex interdisciplinary problems in cybersecurity
  • Improved understanding of problem solving techniques that can be used within the member’s organization


If our initiatives and offerings are of interest to your organization or, if you’d like more information in becoming a Strategic or Class “A” Member, contact us.