VENUS Cybersecurity Corporation (VENUS) is a new kind of company. It’s a not-for-profit organization designed to make Canada a leader in cybersecurity. It provides its membership with the people, space and infrastructure to work on complex, leading-edge cybersecurity problems affecting individuals, businesses and governments throughout the world.

Our interdisciplinary approach, served by a business ecosystem created specifically for cybersecurity problems, provides our membership with a rate of return that is expected to be ten times greater than if they worked independently.

VENUS is comprised of a number of key initiatives. Each has its own mandate:

  • Our research and development group, VENUS Projects, collaboratively solves cybersecurity problems by leveraging our expert members and our unique infrastructure.
  • The Institute works with industry and academic leaders using a rigorous methodology to develop game changing approaches to cybersecurity problems, direct application from theory to practice and a new generation of highly skilled knowledge workers.
  • VENUS Ventures works with Canadian accelerators to create new globally successful firms in the cybersecurity space.
  • The Infrastructure provides a collaborative work environment with leading edge IT systems and workspaces that allow for simulations unavailable to even the largest global technology companies.
  • The Ecosystem supports each VENUS initiative through the use of its world-class collaboration platform to connect its network of members, suppliers and supporting organizations.